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Hello everyone,
Tutorial on how to fix a body to its chassis.
Today I wanted to show you how I glue a body to the chassis.
Now every racer has his own preferences, so this is just an explanation of how I do it.
This is a group C car, but I use the same method for all my cars.
Each picture has been commented.


Finished result. Scroll the pictures below for an explanation.

I know some racers prefer to 'fix' the bodyholders in place so they cannot move. I personally don't like that.
Start off with the completed chassis, ready to race. Make sure the bodyholders are sitting nice and flat on all 4 corners and can move freely up and down and sideways.
Cut a piece of sponge roughly to size but leave a little bigger. Glue it on with flexible gleu, for example glue that is used to fix shoes.
Do this for all 4 corners.
Shape them into size, so that the body moves over them easily WITHOUT any tension!!! This is extremely important. Take your time to do this perfectly.
Double check if all the parts are still moving freely.
Check again ????
The bodyholders should be lying flat on all 4 corners, without any tension.
Now place pieces of material around the corners of the car, that have the right height. This will determine the riding height of the car so the thickness is important. Make sure the body is high enough so that all suspension parts can move and the wheels have enough space.
When everything fits perfectly, put a little bit of flexible gleu on the 4 sponge pieces, and very gently slide the body over the holders and sponge parts, until the body rests on the brass parts. The body again should rest on all 4 corners without tension.
I keep repeating this because this is so important.
Leave it to dry long enough. When I have the time, I let the body dry for 2 days.
When dried, open the body by loosening the central screw. Only loosening, don't remove the screw.
Pull out the body a little bit and slide the body off the chassis.
Tadaa. Everything worked nicely.
Check if all 4 corners have been glued properly.
If done correctly, you have glued the sponge to the body. If you also have glued the body directly to the holder, perhaps with too mich glue, then either remove the glue or do the process again. Because I want the sponge to dampen the body, I don't want a hard solid connection.
Again check if all 4 corners are lying flat without tension.
I hope you found this tutorial usefull. As said, this step is CRUCIAL to the performance of your car, so if it's not 100% perfect, do it again!
Stating the obvious, none of this is for sale. Tutorial purposes only.

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