My name is Nick de Wachter, founder of Wicked Model Cars.



I've been building model and slotcars from a very young age, and have always liked to go for that 'special' car. This could apply to anything, to either an underdog in 1/1 racing, or a model that would be disadvantagous in slotracing. It just had to have that something special, or simply put, be Wicked  :)


I make bodies laminated in glass - and carbon fibre, aiming for a perfect balance between performance and durability. Years of experience have led to a product that is affordable, yet still very good for value.

The original models I usually make myself, either I convert something that already excists, or in some cases, I create something from scratch. I always prioritze 1/1 likeness, and never make compromises on this point. Not even when this leads to a more difficult body for me to laminate.


For a fast slotcar you also need a good chassis. I started making my own chassis long ago, and am thankfull to be able to say that my chassis are represented in top classes all over the world. Racing with and against the best racers of the world, have resulted in chassis that are very user friendly, and are fast from the first lap on track.

And no, I'm not going to write a boring list of victories ;)

I just like to be competitive in any class I enter. I have raced a lot of things, from 1/24 GT and LMP to Nascar, F1, 1/32 etc etc.


In addition to making all this stuff, I also origanized quite a few races, especially in the past. I started the O.E.P.S. series years ago, and helped organize races such as the Nurburgring races and the still going 1000km Group C races.


Besided Wicked Model Cars, I am a CNC Lathe machinist by profession, which allows me to make beautifull and complex CNC parts, and on occasion, even make some slotracing stuff.

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