How to order:




-   After ordering you will receive a confirmation email. The invoice will NOT be available at the time of ordering. Once the products are manufactured and ready for shipment, THEN the invoice will be sent.

-   Following the above, DO NOT pay on your own initiative, the invoice will follow later.

-   When making the payment, please mention the invoice number.

-  Payment can be done using bank and or Paypal. Both payment options and information are mentioned on the invoice.

-  When using Paypal, Paypal will give a notification if the money has been succesfully transferred. Asking us if the payment was succesfull is not neccesary.

-   A tracking link will be provided once the package is shipped.

-   Shipping will be done using GLS in the countries that are listed by GLS. Any other country the PostNL service will be used.

-   Once shipped, Wicked Model Cars can not influence the speed or duration of the shipment.

-   IMPORTANT. When using Paypal, please use the option to pay for goods and services. DO NOT use the family and friends option. If you use the family and friends option, you as buyer are no longer protected or insured in case of losses or disputes! So in your own interest, please use GOODS AND SERVICES. Wicked Model Cars will NOT alert you should you still decide to use the family and friends option!

-   Home or store pickup is not possible, this shop works only online

-   Questions about information that is already listed on the invoice, will not be answered, as we are confident in both the completeness of the invoice information aswell as the costumer's ability to read them.

-   Lost parcels due to incomplete or incorrect adress provided by the costumer, will under NO circumstance be reimbursed by Wicked Model Cars, nor will the order be replaced. Any additional costs made by the shipping company will be charged on the costumer.

-   It is ALWAYS, solely the responsibility of the costumer to provide the complete and correct shipping adress.

-   If an adress changes because of a new home, it is the costumers' responsibility to inform Wicked Model cars of this change.


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