Wicked Decals MV8

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Expected end August 2023

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1/24 Wicked Model Cars decal set



This is a 1/24 scale decal set, intended for the Wicked WMV8 kit.

With these decals, all versions of the Works MV8 cars can be made in the 2023 IMSA season. 

Printed by SK Decals!


Body is meant to be sprayed white, with all colours areas provided on the decal sheet.


   Here are a few tips on how to use them to get the best result.

  • - Place the decals in lukewarm water for only 1 or 2 seconds, to prevent them from curling up.
  • - Leave them on a dry surface for about 10 – 20 seconds.
  • - Carefully apply them on the models by sliding them off the decal paper.
  • - Be aware that while doing this, some decals might curl up.
  • - Use soft paper cloth to remove excess water and air bubbles.
  • - When using softener, always test it first on a piece of left over decal.
  • - Before clear coating the model, test your clear coat first on a piece of left over decal.
  • - The decals have been placed as logically as possible on the sheet.
  • - Should you have trouble finding where a certain decal is to be applied, Google is your friend!
  • - Most important!!! Take your time and have fun!







It is inspired but not identical to the 1/1 car in the picture. 

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